Hemp farming in Ohio? TBD

Peggy Kirk Hall, agricultural and resource law field specialist with CFAES, was interviewed for a recent story by WOSU Public Media headlined “Hemp Is Poised For A Production Boom, But Ohio Might Get Left Out.” Read the story.

The 2018 Farm Bill, approved by Congress but awaiting President Trump’s signature at the time of this writing (Dec. 18), allows states to decide for themselves if they want hemp farming. (Graphic by Getty Images.)

Can Ohio get its hops back? CFAES scientists think so

Scientists in our college have started a new research program on the hop plant, whose hop cones, or “hops,” are a main ingredient in making beer. Their goals? Developing sustainable growing practices — and helping Ohio farmers tap into the $4 million a year that Buckeye State brewers currently spend buying hops elsewhere. The scientists will speak on their work next week at Farm Science Review.