Moving toward net-zero dairy farms

“Farming Is Striving for Net Zero Impacts.” That’s the headline of a interview with CFAES alumnus David Darr (BS ’99, MS ’01, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics), who is Dairy Farmers of America’s (DFA) senior vice president and chief strategy and sustainability officer.

DFA, the interview reports, is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the United States, and is also the first U.S. co-op to set science-based environmental targets for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050—a step in fighting climate change.

Part of climate solutions

Dairy farms “are continually improving practices that are good for the environment,” Darr says in the interview.

“We believe,” he says, “that dairy farmers and farming can be a part of environmental solutions.”

Read the full interview. (Photo: Getty Images.)

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