CFAES launching sustainable ag major

CFAES is launching a four-year degree program in sustainable agriculture. The new major, which will lead to a bachelor of science in agriculture, starts fall semester 2021.

“Our graduates will have practical skills, be problem solvers, and systems thinkers—the qualities needed for success in many careers and that will help them make the changes in the world we’re all hoping for,” said Casey Hoy, holder of CFAES’ W.K. Kellogg Foundation Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystems Management. Hoy led the team that created the major.

Study sustainable agriculture here

CFAES already offers a graduate specialization in sustainable agriculture and, at the CFAES Wooster campus, a two-year associate degree in that field.

Read more about the new major here and here, and about all the ways to study sustainable agriculture at CFAES here.

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