Sustaining health through what we eat

“It’s important that health-promoting foods be accessible and prevalent in the American diet.”

So says CFAES scientist Jessica Cooperstone, who’s using her multiple areas of expertise—plant breeding and genetics, analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, and nutrition—to try to develop even healthier tomatoes for people to grow and eat.

National ‘New Innovator’ award

Funding Cooperstone’s research is a national New Innovator award from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, one of only eight such awards given in the United States, and the only one in Ohio.

Read more about the award and her work in “Can Science Make Tomatoes Even Better For You?”

(Photo: Cooperstone, left, in her lab in Columbus with CFAES graduate student Maria Sholola; by Ken Chamberlain, CFAES Advancement.)

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