Tune in: Community science and Ohio’s bees

CFAES’ Denise Ellsworth presents “Becoming a Community Scientist (and a Better Naturalist): How You Can Help Bees and Other Pollinators” as part of the Wooster Science Café series, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7–8 p.m.

Bee better? Bee atlas

Ellsworth, who works as the college’s pollinator education program director, will look at local bee species, will explore how community science can help conserve them, and will talk about the Ohio Bee Atlas—how it can improve your ability to identify bees and grow your enthusiasm for nature. Tune in here.

Virtual café

The Wooster Science Café series is currently being held online as a safety measure to fight the continuing pandemic.

The series is being co-sponsored by the College of Wooster and by Ohio State via its CFAES Wooster campus. (Photo: Getty Images.)

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