For Buckeye fans, this is totally sweet

(Updated, Dec. 9: The one-quart and one-gallon jugs are now sold out. In addition, until further notice, in-person pick-up is no longer an option due to Franklin County’s pandemic status.)

(Updated, Oct. 13: You can now order online for delivery to your home.)

Buckeye fans now can pour official Ohio State Maple Syrup on their pancakes. It comes from the university’s Mansfield campus, where students and faculty with CFAES’ School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) planned and are running a nearly 20-acre sugarbush. A sugarbush is a maple tree forest used to produce maple syrup.

An Ohio State first

The project’s co-leader, Kathy Smith, SENR forestry program director, said that to her knowledge, the branded syrup “is a first for Ohio State.” Proceeds from selling the syrup will support student scholarships at the campus’s EcoLab, of which the sugarbush is a part.

Available in half-gallon ($50), quart ($24), pint ($16), and half-pint ($12) sizes, the syrup can be ordered from the project’s other co-leader, Gabe Karns, SENR visiting assistant professor, at (Photo courtesy of Kathy Smith.)

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    • Hi Grace, I’ll send a reminder note to Gabe Karns and ask him to get in touch with you. Gabe is the faculty member in the School of Environment and Natural Resources who is taking care of the orders. It might be that he hasn’t gotten thru all of the requests today yet. 🙂


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