You can call me Ray, or you can call me …

Ohio’s coronavirus stay-at-home order continues through at least May 1. So you just might be noticing some busy new co-workers when you look out your dining room window from your “desk.” Let’s meet a few of them.

My cousins include crows, ravens, and magpies, but only crows and members of my species are common in Ohio. Together, we’re some of the smartest birds in the world, if I may be so bold to say (and bold is something I tend to be). I’m a helpful alarm system for other birds, calling “Jeer! Jeer!” and so on loudly when a predator like a hawk comes around. I tend to prefer living in woods with oak trees. But I’ve also adapted to living, say, in parks and your own backyard. Thanks for those sunflower seeds, by the way. There’s a Canadian baseball team named after me. I’m …

Your new co-worker

… the blue jay. Read more about me here and here.

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