‘My shadow was just under 3 years old’

“We were all surrounded by the children, each one hanging onto us. With a single tear streaming down a little girl’s face, we all began crying, too,” writes Emily Beal in a recent article on the CFAES Stories website.

Buck-I-SERVE trip to Ghana

Beal, a senior in the CFAES Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership, spent part of her 2019–2020 holiday break on a Buck-I-SERV trip to Ghana, where she and 14 fellow Ohio State students helped out working in an orphanage.

When the trip was over, and a van arrived to take the students home, “I grabbed Charity’s hand one last time and squeezed it, urging myself to remember the feeling of her palms,” Beal writes. “I hugged her one last time. … The final ride to the airport was silent.”

Read the story. (Photo: Beal, left, courtesy of Shelby Prieto.)

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