CFAES scientist Katrina Cornish honored for biobased products

CFAES scientist Katrina Cornish, Ohio Research Scholar and Endowed Chair in Bio-based Emergent Materials in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, recently received the 2019 Ohio Faculty Council Technology Award.

Translating discoveries into marketable products

The Faculty Council award recognizes a faculty member in Ohio’s state university system for exceptional research discoveries and for the role the faculty member played in translating those discoveries into marketable products, services, or both. Ohio Department of Higher Education Vice Chancellor Mike Duffy presented the award on Oct. 11 in Columbus.

Natural rubber from guayule shrub

Cornish was honored for her accomplishments in developing and licensing technology that can extract material from the guayule shrub that can yield sustainable natural rubber latex products. Technology developed by her company, EnergyEne Inc., has resulted in products such as a natural latex radiation glove that meets Food and Drug Administration regulations for performance and protection.

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