How you can ID a tree with no leaves

The series called “A Day in the Woods” concludes on Friday, Nov. 8, with “Identifying Trees in Winter.” Set for southeast Ohio’s Zaleski State Forest, the event will give tips on how to identify trees based on their bark, buds, twigs, nuts, and overall shape; will explore the forest’s Moonville Tunnel area; and, by visiting habitats ranging from wetlands to dry ridges, will showcase the diversity of Ohio’s Appalachian woods.

Details (in a nutshell)

Hours for the event are 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Registration costs $12, which includes lunch and materials. The deadline to register is Nov. 4.

CFAES’ OSU Extension outreach arm is one of the series sponsors.

Discover more. (Photo: Getty Images.)

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