Keeping deer out: Tuesday in the Gwynne

The 17 free sessions set for Tuesday, Sept. 17, in Farm Science Review’s Gywnne Conservation Area include Landscaping for Wildlife (10­–10:30 a.m.), The Exclusion Solution—Mesh Fence to Protect Plantings from Deer (noon to 1 p.m.), Soil Testing to Increase Yields (1:30–2 p.m.), and Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Timber (2-3 p.m.). See the full schedule.

The Review runs from Sept. 17–19 at CFAES’ Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio.

The Gwynne Conservation Area is hosting free talks and other activities—on topics related to woods, wildlife, aquatics, and forages and grazing—on all three days of the event. (Photo: White-tailed deer, Getty Images.)

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