Gentlepeople, start your electric engines

Ohio State hosts its third Smart Columbus Ride & Drive Roadshow on June 20–21 in Columbus. You’ll find, yes, a frunkload of details on the sustainability, economic, and fun-to-drive benefits of electric cars. And you’ll have chances to test drive some of them, including Hondas, BMWs, and Teslas. You can also learn about the Smart Columbus initiative.

Register in advance for a test drive

Admission to the event is free, but you have to register for a test drive in advance—for the day, time, and car of your choice. You’ll need a valid driver’s license to take a test drive and must be 21 years old to test drive a Tesla or 18 to drive the other vehicles.

The event is at the university’s Center for Automotive Research, 930 Kinnear Road.

Bolt your way to further information and register for a test drive. (Photo: Model 3, Tesla.)

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