How to start a sustainable business

CFAES sustainability alumnus Vincent Valentino, pictured, is one of nearly 20 speakers set to share insights at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s 2019 Sustainability Conference on April 17 in Columbus.

Stronger Ohio communities, businesses

Valentino, a graduate of our Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability program, is sustainability manager for Columbus’ Land-Grant Brewing Company. He’ll co-present “How to Start a Sustainable Business in Your Community” at the conference together with Land-Grant’s Jackie Kemble. Valentino was profiled last year in one of our CFAES Stories, “Beer and Sustainability: Not Mutually Exclusive.”

Participants at the conference, according to its website, “will learn how to leverage sustainability practices and resources to strengthen Ohio communities and businesses.” The speakers will come from universities, communities, agencies, businesses, and industry from across the state.

Find out more. (Photo: Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

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