How to put your soil health in clover

Wilmington College in southwest Ohio plans a two-part Cover Crops Symposium on Thursday, March 21. The college’s Agriculture Department, CFAES’ OSU Extension outreach arm, and the Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District are the sponsors.

Afternoon, evening programs

The afternoon part of the program “will delve into soil health and the basics of cover crops,” the event’s website says. Slated to speak are Jim Hershey, president of the No-Till Farmer Alliance, and Pennsylvania dairy and grain farmer Leroy Bupp.

The evening portion of the program “will feature a panel of farmers discussing the pros and cons of cover crops from their personal experience,” the website says. Included on the panel will be Hershey, cover crops advocate Roger Wenning, and Bob Hendershot of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Admission to the event is free. Find out more.

Further reading

Cover crops, a CFAES fact sheet says, offer a variety of benefits, including erosion control, less compaction, reduced nutrient leaching, and greater water infiltration. Read the fact sheet. (Photo: Getty Images.)

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