New things you don’t want in your water

The next Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) breakfast program will look at what’s new in your water. “Emerging Contaminants and Our Water Resources” is set for March 5 in Columbus.

Uncertain risks

“Experts are steadily finding new or previously unrecognized contaminants in our waterways and drinking water systems,” the event’s website says, “yet their risks to human health and the environment are not yet fully understood.”

An expert panel will discuss those contaminants—which include sunscreens, soaps, and medicines—and their risks.

The program will feature an extended educational session—facilitated by the Water Management Association of Ohio, Ohio State’s Water Resources Center, and Ohio State’s TerrAqua student group—during which the panelists will discuss the contaminants further.

More information

Registration costs vary but are free for students. Find full details and a link to register.

EPN is a professional group for those working or studying in environmental fields. Joining is free.

CFAES’ School of Environment and Natural Resources is EPN’s organizer. (Photo: Getty Images.)

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