Here’s how CFAES is growing new scientists (and with them, sustainability)

Essentially all the winning research in CFAES’s 2018 Graduate Student Poster Competition, shown here, had connections to sustainability, whether agricultural, environmental, economic or all three. The competition, held at the April 27 CFAES Annual Research Conference, recognized outstanding research by CFAES graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and research assistants and associates. Check out the list of winners.

 PhD students

  • First place: Yiyun Lin, Horticulture and Crop Science, “Evaluating the Efficacy of Biostimulant Products in Greenhouse Floriculture Crop Production.” Advisor: Michelle Jones.
  • Second place: Katherine Todd, Entomology, “Building Better Bee Habitats: Local and Landscape Drivers of Urban Hymenopteran Nesting.” Advisor: Mary Gardiner.
  • Third place: Mackenzie Miller, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), “Evaluation of Sexual Maturation and Reproductive Ability of Female Triploid Yellow Perch Perca flavescens and Viability of Progeny.” Advisor: Konrad Dabrowski.

Master’s degree students

  • First place: Taylor Dill, Horticulture and Crop Science, “The Physiological Response of Corn to Flooding and Nitrogen Application; Taylor E. Dill, Alexander J. Lindsey, Steven K. Harrison, Steven W. Culman.” Advisor: Alexander J. Lindsey.
  • Second place: Andres Sanabria, Plant Pathology, “Effects of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation Using Different Carbon Sources on Viability of Sclerotinia minor and S. sclerotiorum Sclerotia.” Advisor: Sally A. Miller.
  • Third place: Susan Ndiaye, Entomology, “Augmentative Biological Control of Twospotted Spider Mite on Hops in the Midwest.” Advisor: Celeste Welty.

Postdoctoral researchers

  • First place: Juliana Vasco-Correa, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE), “Fungal Pretreatment of Miscanthus for Fermentable Sugar Production: Experimental and Techno-Economic Evaluation.” Advisor: Ajay Shah.
  • Second place: Sankar Renu, Food Animal Health Research Program, “Engineering of Immune Targeted Mucoadhesive Chitosan Based Salmonella Nanovaccine for Oral Delivery in Poultry.” Advisor: Gourapura J. Renukaradhya; Ramesh Selvaraj.
  • Third place: Zhifang Cui, FABE, “Upgrading Effluent from Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure through Hydrothermal Carbonization.” Advisor: Ajay Shah.

Research assistants and associates

  • First place: Francesca Rotondo, Plant Pathology, “Tracking Xanthomonas gardneri Infection of Tomato Fruits Using an in vivo Imaging System.” Advisor: Sally A. Miller.
  • Second place: Stuti Sharma, SENR, “History of Corn, Soybean and Alfalfa Yield Responses to Micronutrient Fertilization in Ohio.” Advisor: Steve Culman.
  • Third place: Nicole Hoekstra, SENR, “Soil Health and Nutrient Management for Quality and Yield of Processing Tomatoes.” Advisor: Steve Culman.

An open session in the afternoon gave conference-goers plenty of time to view the posters and talk with their presenters. The first-place winners in each category received $500; the second-place winners, $300; the third-place winners, $150. (Photo: Ken Chamberlain, CFAES.)

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