‘Plenty of optimism’ at OEFFA conference

Reporter Debbi Snook provided a good account of last month’s Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association annual conference in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Of note, check out the comments at the end of the story by a CFAES student/family farmer who, judging from his comments, seems very much on the ball (as, yes, one would expect a CFAES student to be!) regarding matters such as soil moisture, organic matter and profit margins.

Ten CFAES faculty and staff members were among the 80 or so presenters at the conference.

Snook was one of four panel members for a discussion called “15 Minutes of Fame: Forming Strong Relationships with the Media.” She covers “the good life in Cleveland” — food, travel, history and outdoor recreation. You can follow her on Twitter at @DebbiSnook1.

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