Hey, you geese! Get off my lawn!

Right now, before spring gets underway, is the best time to keep Canada geese off your property, CFAES specialists say.

The majestic, once-rare honkers, now sometimes a nuisance due to their grass-eating, lawn-pooping and aggressive nesting behavior, start staking out territories in late February and early March, and often start nesting by the middle of March.

That’s a crucial time frame, Marne Titchenell and William Lynch say in a CFAES fact sheet called “Coping with Canada Geese: Conflict Management and Damage Prevention Strategies,” because “many strategies to alleviate goose problems are best employed before geese build a nest.”

Also a factor is that Canada geese are protected by law, so there are limits to what you can do to dissuade them — to goose them along, as it were.

Read the full fact sheet. (Photo: iStock.)

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