Hunger ‘more widespread than many realize’

PovertyIn a season of plenty, in a land of plenty, many people still go hungry. CFAES’s Martha Filipic reports, “According to the Children’s Hunger Alliance, more than 630,000 children across Ohio live in food-insecure households — enough children to fill Ohio Stadium six times. As many as 1 in 4 Ohio children are unsure of where their next meal is coming from.” But there are ways to help. Read her story.

One thought on “Hunger ‘more widespread than many realize’

  1. Hi – Thanks so much for picking up this (unhappy) topic – it’s really important that we remain aware of less fortunate people while we feast our way through the holiday season. I think it’s great to donate to food banks, as Martha suggests, but we should also think about long-term solutions. Permaculture is one way that we could potentially ensure a surplus of food for everyone, everywhere. If we all stopped growing grass lawns and started growing food… we’d actually have too much… Thanks again – Michael

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