The ‘unfolding global disaster’ of soil loss, how to reverse it and how that can help reverse climate change, too

CFAES scientist Rattan Lal, an Ohio State Distinguished University Professor and a world expert on soil management and carbon sequestration, was quoted in a recent ThinkProgress story by Natasha Geiling called “The ‘Unfolding Global Disaster’ Happening Right Under Our Feet,” about how soil loss is hurting both food production and the climate. Check it out. The quote in fact came from a previous story Geiling wrote for ThinkProgress called “Is 2015 The Year Soil Becomes Climate Change’s Hottest Topic?” That one’s here. The answer seemingly was yes, and hopefully will still be yes going forward, based on such stories as this, this and this. Lal explains carbon sequestration’s big benefits in a video here.

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