Team of CFAES, quasar ‘a great relationship’

Dr. Yebo Li OARDC FABEMore on the Cleveland Browns’ food waste recycling project: Cleveland-based quasar energy group operates a similar anaerobic digester on the Wooster campus of CFAES’s research arm, OARDC, and has a research lab in OARDC’s BioHio Research Park. OARDC scientists such as Yebo Li (pictured, left, with quasar’s Clemens Halene) have helped develop and refine the technology at work in quasar’s digesters. “So many times people wonder if universities can partner successfully with the private sector,” CFAES Dean Bruce McPheron said last week in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “This is a great match and a great relationship.” (Photo: K.D. Chamberlain.)

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