Here comes the (cold-pressed) sun(flower seed oil)

sunflowersThere’s a workshop on how to cold-press oilseeds (flax, canola, sunflower, and camelina) at CFAES’s Mellinger Farm Sept. 24. The event “should be of interest to farmers and others looking for longer rotations and diverse marketing opportunities for cooking oil, biofuel, and high omega-3 pressed meal for feed and bioproducts,” says the online announcement. Organic Valley and the Agroecosystems Management Program of our research arm, OARDC, are the sponsors. Related post here.

Little acorns, mighty oaks

oak leaves and acorns for GBRegister by tomorrow (Aug. 23) for the Ohio Oak SILVAH workshop Sept. 9-12 in southeast Ohio. The program will focus on understanding and managing mixed-oak forests. (Photo: Northern red oak leaves and acorns, Northeastern Area Archive, USDA Forest Service, Late update: Sold out! Sorry, registration has filled.

Nobody here but us (organic) chickens

chicken closeupHere’s a good chance to learn more about organic poultry. Scientists with CFAES’s Organic Food and Farming Education and Research program are holding a pasture walk and discussion on Aug. 29. Featured will be new research related to soil fertility, alternative diets, managing pastured chicks in mobile pens, and the benefits of adding broilers to organic crop rotations. It’s free. Full details here.

This ‘different world’ can turn yours greener

Gwynne Conservation Area, Farm Science Review, London, OhioCFAES’s Farm Science Review, Sept. 17-19, has announced the session lineup for its Gwynne Conservation Area (part of which is pictured). Woodlands, wildlife, and aquatics are the focus. The nearly 70-acre “Gwynne,” home of trees, ponds, prairie, and part of a stream, “is unique to anything else seen at the Farm Science Review,” CFAES wildlife specialist Marne Titchenell says. “It’s almost like coming over to a different world.” Tickets.

Good, clean energy from, at breakfast

“Some days, it’s a good day to have breakfast,” says Thomas Builds-the-Fire in the wonderful “Smoke Signals.” And one of those days is Sept. 11, when the Environmental Professionals Network holds its next breakfast program (which you can say has to do with smoke in that it will look at how to reduce it). Called “Achieving Clean Energy Goals: Meeting Technical and Policy Challenges,” the program features a panel discussion by experts from Ohio State and the utility industry. And, as always, breakfast. Register by Sept. 6. (In fact, according to CFAES’s science-based Chow Line nutrition column, it’s always a good day to have breakfast if you can.)

How to feed the world’s people while keeping soils healthy

sustainable soil management book for GBDistinguished University Professor Rattan Lal of CFAES’s School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) is a co-editor of the new book Principles of Sustainable Soil Management in Agroecosystems. Chapter authors include, among others, Lal, other faculty in SENR, and faculty in CFAES’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. (Hat tip to OARDC Librarian Connie Britton and the OARDC Library website, where the book is currently featured. OARDC is CFAES’s research arm.)