Greening the RPAC

The Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) at The Ohio State University uses an extremely large amount of energy. As an icon of the university and an example to other organizations, we propose the start of a movement towards sustainability at the RPAC.  Simple steps that can be taken immediately include new lighting practices that harness natural light and reduce unused light, and adapting cardio equipment to produce energy that can be used by RPAC.

These changes will serve multiple benefits. The RPAC will receive support from an emerging client base that are concerned about their impact on the environment and live a less impactful lifestyle. The RPAC will enjoy a lower energy bill, allowing more money to be invested into continuing the efforts to make the RPAC sustainable. Gaining a start through use of these steps will open the doors to new sustainability practices in the future and keep OSU a leader of universities everywhere.

RPAC facility at Ohio State (image courtesy of Ohio State Recreational Sports)

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