Oh! Dam! (on the Olentangy)

The Fifth Avenue Dam is slated for removal in the fall of 2012. The City of Columbus has received approval and proper funding to go ahead with this massive undertaking. With the removal of the dam, two miles of the Olentangy River will be restored along The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus. The goal of the restoration is to rejuvenate areas of the river that have become unhealthy and increase the riparian habitat that shelters the river.

Education will be the major hurdle that the University must overcome to get the full support of the students and community. Many people use the Greenway bike path that parallels the River and many students cross the River going to and from classes. Educating people about the restoration project and the different phases that accompany a major restoration project will help to appease any unrest from seeing the River in its unsightly phases. Not only will education play a significant role in public relations but the restoration will provide ample opportunity for community involvement. Getting community members, as well as, students involved in various restoration projects will help to develop a personal connection with the River while accelerating the healing process.

We propose spreading the word about the dam removal and restoration phases through several University media avenues, such as official website, school newspaper, signs, information booths, and a photo timeline.

The Olentangy River, near the Ohio Stadium

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