Emphasizing Ohio State’s interest for increased bike ridership on campus

Through the One Ohio State Framework Plan, Ohio State has stated heavy interests in sustainability and developing a pedestrian-friendly campus. This entails institutional and cultural changes throughout Ohio State’s campus. Ohio State is already developing incentives to encourage bike ridership on campus. Our group in ENR 567 believes the university can still do more.

The Framework plan already has institutional changes that will occur in order to increase bike ridership on campus. This includes policies like moving surface parking to west campus and installing sharrows (shared lanes) to help bike riders feel safe on campus roads. Our group has developed suggestions that would expedite the cultural shift towards bike ridership on campus.

Many programs can be used in order to create a culture about biking at Ohio State. A bike riding phone application, tailored to Ohio State, would increase interest by providing features like maps, fitness utilities, and news feeds about campus bike routes. Ohio State could also highlight infrastructure which makes bike ridership an easier choice for those choosing how to commute to campus. Showers and lockers are available at places like the RPAC and Thompson library. While many students know this, they might not have made the connection between biking and these peripherals. Increasing educational programming is essential for highlighting these amenities. Such materials could also teach students how to bike safely on campus. These changes, along with many others, will make bike riding more attractive and help Ohio State towards its goals of sustainability.

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