Printers Across Campus Using Soy Toner

Our college is always looking for environmentally friendly efforts to join across campus, and campus entities look to us as a leader in all that’s “green”.

This was the premise when our college joined a university-wide effort to use soy-based toner in its laser printers.

Our college’s vice president and dean, Bobby D. Moser, was a huge proponent from the beginning and we were the first college to use soy-based toner. The toner — least 35 percent bio-based — is being used in about 700 printers that print about 800,000 pages per month.

The benefits of soy-based toner are multiple:

  • Soybean oil, a renewable resource, is a key ingredient in the new toner and replaces petroleum, which is used in traditional toner.
  • Soy-based toner is easier to remove from paper during recycling than traditional toner, streamlining the recycling process.
  • Use of soy-based toner provides a new market for 26,000 Ohio farmers who grow soybeans on 4.1 million acres each year.

The effort, spearheaded by the university’s printing facility, makes Ohio State the largest user of soy-based toner in the nation.

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