Module 7 : Keys to Motivation for Online Learning

From the start of this course, I learn to track my schedule by creating the google calendar events and tracking my weekly activities. The google calendar made me aware about the tasks that I bound to. I got the reminder for the classes that were about to start and assignments that were about to due. More importantly, the time tracking activity made re evaluate my time behavior. From looking what I did that week, I realized that I spent too much time doing leisure activities that kept me away from doing school works. To deal with those disturbances (watching TV and playing games), there was a module that taught me strategies to escape from procrastination. I manage to treat myself after doing certain amount of workload as a part of the strategy to minimize procrastination. Another module that is very useful to me is managing search and learning behavior. There are list of useful web resources, such as, infographic and mind map website, that help me to enhance my study. To prepare exams, I normally just re-read my notes and read powerpoint notes that are available. However, after trying those websites, I began to use it for preparing my exams and I found those websites are interactive and enjoyable that kept me using those ever since. The discussion posts also mentioned a lot of useful websites to enhance learning experiences. For me, the one that I started using was khan academy, which is helpful for learning mathematics and chemistry. Meanwhile, regarding the search behavior, I found that utilizing google advanced search, google scholar, or playing around the keyword synonyms and boolean factor of the search engine really effective for writing essays or research papers. By using advanced search, I can minimize the search results to the desired keyword, by using the google scholar I can find a reliable scholarly source immediately, and by entering synonyms and boolean phrase to the search engine, I can precisely find what I want. The most meaningful insights that I got were the netiquette and google docs. Many people do not learn how to write a proper e-mail because there are not much classes to offer that knowledge and I believe that proper communication is essential to send the message effectively with a neutrality. I mentioned the word neutrality because if an email is not properly written, the receivers will have a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what the email means. By adding greetings and signing name will make the receiver less offended, as sometimes both parties are unfamiliar with each others. Meanwhile, google have many forms to create and keep documents. Those tools like google docs and google slides are very helpful to support me doing essays or presentation, especially that the document can be shared to another people, so that my teammates and I can do the work altogether in a separate places. In the future, I will utilize the online resources, the time management strategies, and the netiquette to enhance my learning experience.

Module 6 : Searching & Researching

Nowadays, students need to find studies to be more knowledgeable on subject they need to know. One thing that supports that idea is search engine. Sometimes reading textbook is not as efficient as reading online studies. The most popular reason is online articles are most likely to be more recently published than the textbook. Therefore, managing search behavior is really important to get a reliable source. Most students have been tasked to research some subjects of interest. To get the right sources, students need to use search strategies, as well as citation to avoid plagiarism claim. I learned from module 6 that source credibility is a very crucial part for information that I am about to learn. I also learned that by using scholarly search engine, I would get reliable sources most of the time. One more thing that is really useful is how boolean affect search engine. It would be really effective if I can utilize “and, or, and not” to manage my keywords. Moreover, the advanced search can minimize the results, so that I can pick the right source without going to look at two thousand or more sources. All in all, the search strategies are convenient to help students find exactly what they want.

Module 5 : Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

I learned many strategies to take notes by reading this module. I realized that bringing printed power point slides are useful because I can cross checked them with what the instructor says. At first, I took notes by only using memos. However, when I study for the exam, the memo was not  useful for me because there were no visual cues, which led me to read the material online again. Then, I took a different approach by printing materials before lecture while taking notes on it. It helps me a lot in the studying process, as it takes less time to not searching the online lectures again. Online videos are also a very useful resources for studying. I posted a computer science related video for educational video assignment that helped me understand the material for my class once. Some authors have good skills to lead their viewer into understanding the material. The online videos are also easy to access, as many of them are available on youtube or vimeo that are free to watch. One more thing, even though I am not a fan of listening without visual cues, I also want to try to learn using podcast as it offers different perspective for learning the subject. All in all, this module is a real eye opener for letting me know the different approach to learn something.

Educational Video

This is a tutorial video regarding recursion:

This video explains the basic of recursion. The author gives the viewer the concept of recursion by giving an example with factorial problem. He mainly talks about how the factorial problem solved with using recursion because the code that he wrote automatically calculates the number that is entered to the program (In his example the number is five).

I like how the author step by step explaining how recursion would work. He points out the starting condition and gives the audience a clue what to do next, while he also explains why he write the code in the first place. I had the problem understanding recursion even after listening to a lecture. Mainly because the instructor just saying that students do not need to think about how recursion works because recursion is a complex material to be understood. However,  after watching this tutorial video, my understanding of recursion became legit to actually solve some recursion problems in class.

Module 4 : Web Enhanced Reading & Study Strategies

There are different type of learning other than traditional in-class learning. Now, the online learning is one of the most popular method of studying. For online studying, there are a lot of websites that enhance studying experience by offering different kind of resources and type of learning. For example, I can create flash cards and memorize terms from them by visiting certain websites. However, I do not use my resources effectively because I know only a little useful website and I do not use them frequently to lighten my learning experience. After reading module four and the discussion boards, I realize that there are many ways to enhance my learning experience. There are website for statistics, study-planner, and auto-citation that are very helpful to study. Moreover, by using the websites listed in the online study tools module, I think I can be more efficient to speed up my memorizing process. I used the mind map website, and it did not really hard to use it. I created the mind map from my history class, and I realized that it helped me to list the important terms, dates, and definition. All in all, I will enhance my studying strategies by using the resources listed from module 4.

Module 3 : Communication and Collaboration

Netiquette is the short word for internet etiquette, which mean the definition is : proper way to communicate via internet. In college, there will be a lot of communication occurs between students, professors , and another students. E-mail and text messages are normally the go-to media for communicating. Therefore, by using correct netiquette, students can decrease misunderstanding or misinterpretation that is often the problem in the internet messaging world. Using the proper netiquette can be a difficulty for some students. It is mainly because the students do not know the polite way to send message to somebody they are unfamiliar with. To address professors or class mates, students need to write greetings, body messages that is to the point while still polite, and a proper sign at the end of the message. That technique is necessary to avoid misinterpretation that can lead to hard feelings from both party. For example, sending an all caps text will sound angry for the receiver; thus using all-caps text is not the proper way to communicate. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spellings are important in sending message because like from the “How to write an Academic Email” post, wrong grammar, punctuation, or spelling will sound like the text-authors is uneducated. Therefore, netiquette is the key for successful online communication.