KindCarts By-the-Numbers Update

Just a few KindCarts volunteers being silly at our second anniversary party!

KindCarts celebrates its second official anniversary on February 17th, Random Acts of Kindness Day!

We’ve done a lot in our two years:

  • Volunteered a combined 855 hours!
  • Helped over 1000 patients!
  • Gave away 1771 donations to the patients of the James Cancer Hospital and Nationwide Children’s!
  • Had 194 volunteers total who volunteered at least once, comprising those in the military, adults, children, Greek life, international students, pre-med students, etc.
    • 14 regular volunteers
  • Executed 53 diverse projects
  • Collaborated with 14 different on-campus groups
  • Won 3 awards/grants (from Honors and Scholars, Critical Difference for Women, and Undergraduate Student Government) for KindCarts’ service/work
  • Organized 3 outside service events with Buckeye Village to benefit children/families and/or the military
  • Received 6 sets of major donations from other organizations
  • Made 32 different types of donations
  • Held 2 programs focused on grassroots service and the importance of giving back
  • Ran/running a magazine drive to gather reading materials for Spring 2017 semester

I’m so happy to have had the chance to found KindCarts and meet such passionate volunteers and lovely patients. This experience has given me so much over the years and I am so lucky to have had the privilege, the support, and the ability to head this amazing project.

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