Leadership Week


It’s safe to say I have a love affair with leadership. Almost every organization I’m involved in lists this idea in its primary values. I read books about how to translate these skills into the workplace and everyday life; I present and participate in its retreats and conferences. MUNDO put a hand into Leadership Week this year, advocating for study abroad and increased cultural competency as a way to gain these skills. Distinguished guests came and spoke about their own journeys and experiences. All week, we sang an ode to leadership and all its multicolored facets, so The Office of Student Life asked the students to define what it meant to them.

For me, leadership is not scrambling for the top. Leadership is serving with integrity. It means following your morals and using them to light the way. It means supporting your fellow man and your community, whether that be through service, mentoring, or a simple hug. For my brother, leadership is not for personal gain. Leadership is for the happiness of others. Whatever your definition is, make sure it continuously guides how you make your impact in this world.

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