Leadership Development

Sophomore year: I am involved in many varied activities on campus. I serve on the executive board of MUNDO, was involved this year as the Random Acts of Kindness Chair for Mirrors Sophomore Honorary and serve as an Honors Peer Mentor. I am also a member of OSU SHADOW and the Sexual Violence Committee. At the end of first semester, I founded the KindCarts Service Initiative for the James, which I continue to run.

Junior year: I have expanded my leadership opportunities in my various organizations, as well as beyond. I created and now hold a new position in MUNDO, Communications Director, after seeing a need for marketing and communicative organization. I won the Emerging Eminence Award and now work with Mortarboard Senior Honorary as part of their Emerging Eminence Cohort to plan programs to create social change at OSU. I have graduated to Honors Lead Mentor and also serve as an intern for the Honors Advising Office through the same program. Various other organizations I’m involved in include Folklore Student Association and University Ambassadors.

These activities contribute to my development as a leader by giving me the skills that I need to succeed in medical school and the work force. Each commitment allows me to practice public speaking, organize and program events and generally take responsible for a project/task and see it to fruition. Personally, my involvement in these organizations allows me to fulfill my love for organizing, programming and implementation. It also allows me to explore other enjoyments of mine, such as exploring other communities and crafting (an element of KindCarts). They also allow me to serve as a mentor to freshmen or younger members, a particular enjoyment of mine. Career-wise, the public speaking experience each of these activities gives me is especially helpful. Learning to balance all my commitments, as well as the various skills I gain, will help me learn to budget my time for medical school.  My medical-related commitments also serve to familiarize me with the field that I hope to enter.

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