Academic Enrichment

I have dedicated myself to the goal of academic enrichment through the coursework that I have chosen to pursue. I chose my major, Neuroscience, because I was interested in the material and knew that the courses it entailed would stretch me. My minor was chosen because while indulging in my love for English, I discovered a new passion, Folklore. My GE courses were chosen mainly due to the fact that they overlapped with my minor or pre-med requirements.

My selections of coursework overlap demonstrate my commitment to excellence. A majority of my GEs are honors classes, or classes at/above the 4000-level. I have also stretched myself in my major requirements, by choosing to take a graduate level course in the medical school, rather than the possibility of an undergraduate honors class. I have decided to explore a different avenue of study through folklore, which doesn’t relate to, but does enhance my science-based major. My planned curriculum relates to my future aspirations because they give me a lot of background in the sciences, which is required for medical school, and also gives me a well-rounded edge by having a mix of humanities as well.

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