Junior Year: A Work in Progress

Chapter 3: How Does Your Garden Grow?

As I embark on my junior year, I can only speculate about my journey. I stayed on campus during the summer and it feels as if I transitioned immediately from second to third year. Over the summer, I enrolled in the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute and received the Research Scholar Award, using it to begin my own independent research project on stress-sensitization and chronic stress. The responsibility I was given was on such a different level than I was previously used to. Planning, ordering supplies, handling live animals and behavioral testing: I was involved in every step of the way. The experience was so incredible that I signed up to be a Peer Research Contact and plan to present my summer research, as well as my fairy tale research, at the Undergraduate research forum.

Summer also marked the start of other, personal projects. I started working as a University Ambassador and learned so much more about Ohio State. I so enjoyed spreading my spirit to potential Buckeyes, whose perspectives threw me back to my own college search. I was appointed to be Communications Director for MUNDO and began designing the marketing, revamping our newsletter and generally venturing into new venues of technology. I finished setting up the details of my internship for the Honors Advising Office and can’t wait to see where that leads me.

It’s only the first week of the new semester and already everything seems so new. As I look at my schedule, a mix of undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as my personal schedule, I’m so excited to see what growing and progress is in store for me!

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