Year in Review: The Beginning

Fun fact: I keep a diary. Every year, at the Involvement Fair, I grab my OSU planner, throw it in my bag and promptly forgot about it in the chaos of flyers, buttons and the occasional hot dog. But once the event is done, the ever-handy planner is there like an friend, welcoming me back to campus, to classes and to Ohio State. Written between, around and sometimes over my assignments, is my stream of consciousness-the thoughts that ran unabated through my day as I worked through my schedule. Each new year, I read over the previous one and I’m astonished at how much I grow. From how I speak, how I handle my problems, to what my problems actually are. My dreams, my heart, myself. They evolve every year. Different, but still, at the core, me. I can’t give you my diary, but I can give you my journey, from my first “OH” to my last “IO.”

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