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Ana Sucaldito is a first year graduate student in the College of Public Health’s PhD program (Health Behavior Health Promotion) and is supported by a Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship. In the future, she hopes to work on mitigating minority health disparities. Ana is a recently graduated alumni of Ohio State University, with a B.S. in Honors Neuroscience and a minor in Folklore. Ana loves being involved on campus and exploring her passions through extracurriculars and will continue to do so as a graduate student. She is the founder and president of KindCarts, a service initiative for the James Cancer Hospital that combines her love of crafting, medicine and making people smile, and a member of the Global Advisory Council for MUNDO. When not in class, she enjoys baking, collecting street art, and writing novels that are continuously “in-progress.” If you have any questions about Ohio State, pre-health, or getting involved on campus or just general life, feel free to contact Ana with questions!

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  1. Hello, I’m an upcoming freshman planning on majoring in neuroscience. How many hours a day what you say are focused on your studies? How often are tests given within first year classes? Thanks.

    • Hey, James! How many hours I spend focused on studies really depends on the day–some days I might have four classes, and other days I may only have one. In general, I would say I devote about an hour of time of outside class time for each class per day. So, for example, my Monday schedule include Neuroscience 3000 (Intro to Molecular/Cellular Neuroscience), Psychology 3313 (Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience), and Spanish 1103.01. So on that day, I’d spend roughly 3hrs in the classroom, (about 1 hour per class) and 3 hrs outside of class (doing homework or reading the textbook/notes) on my studies.

      As for tests, again, it’ll vary a lot by class type, and by your professor. Generally, science classes (ex. General Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc) will give you weekly quizzes and 2-3 major tests (1-2 midterms and a final) per semester. Humanities classes tend to assign more papers, but usually also have at least one midterm, a final, and sometimes a final paper.

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