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Preprints and Submitted:

  1. Nath, S., Paul, S., Warren, K., (2023+). Identifying Peer Influence in Therapeutic Communities. Major Revision from The Annals of Applied Statistics. Preprint at arXiv: 2203.14223. Code is available in Github repository Homophily-Network-Influence. 
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My research is supported by NSF-NGIA grant DMS 1830547  under the program “Algorithms for Threat Detection” for the project on “Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis with Dynamic Network Models”.


Current PhD Students

Olivia Cleymaet

Kartik Lovekar

Past PhD and MS Students

Lingfei Zhao (PhD, graduated 2022, Research Scientist at Meta)

Prateek Sasan (PhD, co-advised with Vincent Q. Vu, graduated 2022, Data Scientist at JP Morgan and Chase)

Selena Shuo Wang (PhD, co-advised with Paul De Boeck, graduated 2022, Postdoctoral Scholar at Yale University)

Azriel Kronguaz (MS, graduated 2020, Data Analysts at US Department of Homeland Security)