This page contains codes to implement the proposed methods and replicate simulations in various papers.

  1. R Code for “Paul, S., Chen, Y. (2020). A random-effects stochastic block model for joint community detection in multiple networks with applications to neuroimaging. The Annals of Applied Statistics, Volume 14, Number 2, pages 993-1029.” Codes_RESBM_Paul_Chen_AOAS_2020
  2. R Code for “Paul, S., Chen, Y. (2020). Spectral and matrix factorization methods for consistent community detection in multi-layer networks. The Annals of Statistics, 48 (1), 230-250.” Codes_Spectral_Matrix_Paul_Chen_AOS_2020
  3. Python Code for “Paul, S., Chen, Y. (2016). Null models and community detection in multi-layer networks.”  Code For Null Models Paper    (Requires Networkx, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib)
  4. R code for “Paul, S., Nath, S., Warren, K., (2022). Network Influence with Latent Homophily and Measurement Error” available in Github repository Homophily-Network-Influence.