Photo Reflection–Job

The Job for Me?

The job list for me based on the researches I took is not containing the jobs that I would like to take. The answers I have chosen were “Corporate”, “School is cool, but I was happy to graduate”, “Yes”, “I need to focus on myself first”, “I need a few deep breaths to collect myself”, and “How much I love the job”. I have to choose two I feel are better than others.

How the product owner works. Picture from reference 4.

The first I choose is the Product Owner. This job is quite suitable for me. I am a math major student now and I would like to learn more about computer science engineering in the future. Nowadays, most product owner is about software, so it is fit for my major. The average salary is about $85,761. Although it is an average salary, I would be pleased with this amount. More experience and education are a good way to make a better salary in this job I think. More experience means much understanding of coding, and much understanding of coding means more efficiency. More education means more computer language you can learn, and this means more opportunities you can earn. There is about 80% job satisfaction of product owner I think I will be fine in this. The worst working in this kind of company is just coding. If I am an owner, boring coding can just let others finish. I believe job satisfaction is much important than salaries. I live in a family which is not rich but can feed ourselves easily, so I do not think salaries could be a difficult problem. I would like to have a lot of time or mood to do my hobbies, and if I have a family I would pay much attention to my loved ones. However, I do not like always seat in front of the computer and watch the screen for a long time, so it might be a problem for me to take this job in the early stage.

How the account manager works. Picture from reference 5.

My second choice is the senior accounting manager. The main reason I choose this job is that the left 8 are all about business and finance. Although I have taken both AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics and got pleasing pleasing scores, I feel it is really hard for me to study. They are based on mathematics but less logical. Accounting is most based on mathematics without too many theories. The salary for this job is higher, at about $101,199, and I am glad it has a high salary. Job satisfaction is about 81% and job stress is about 27%. High job satisfaction with low job stress is my favorite. On the other hand, having this job must have a better education. 68% Bachelor’s and 20% MBA, which shows I much learn enough to suit this job. I like the school experience and I like learning a lot of knowledge, so I think this would not be a problem for me. I like the job which can communicate with others, so I do not think this job can satisfy me in this aspect.



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About Me

The photo I took for my dog.

The photo I took for my dog.

My name is Jiaben Su and I am from China. For now, I am a math major student. I am a restless person but I can be very quiet as well. I love quiet sports without too much sweating, so my favorite sport is archery and thenis swimming. I can’t live without music and guitar is one of my best, especially finger-style. I do not have any favorite food because I like all the food and I believe the old saying in China: “Bread is the staff of life.” but I have favorite fruit which is cherry and favorite drink which is black tea. I like playing computer games and watching anime, but I also like hanging out with friend. So I think I can switch between otaku and active lifestyle easily. A cloudy day is the best and the cold weather in later autumn toearly spring makes me enjoy I am part of the world. I love animalsvery much and I have a border collie at my home. Its name isMilkTea and it is four-month year old.

The photo I took for south gate of my high school.

The photo I took for south gate of my high school.

My high school is in Beijing China. The school’s name called Beijing No.80 High School, and I am in the international department of it. I love the south gate of my school the best, because studentscan grabtake-out food from outside and accommodation students can sneak out of school for dinner fairness and get back to school before evening self-study. I have spent 3 wonderful years in my high school, so it is my favorite place. I still remember the second Christmas Eve, my three roommates and I ask a day off of the evening self-study, and run out school to seek for dinner. We hadhotpot buffet and played games together while other students were having self-study at school. That night was amazing.

Being well-arranged in life, I am good at analyzing and evaluating. Mathematics gives me opportunities to enhance these abilities while acquiring new knowledge. Wandering in the world of mathematics, I feel assured by writing down each step logically. Whenever fully concentrating on a question, I consider that the world goes silent. When I successfully solve it, I get a strong sense of achievement. It propels me to deal with tasks more challenging and break through myself. Also, I enjoy card games, through which I practice my capabilities to calculate and inference, thus developing a stronger interest in Mathematics. This is why I want to study in OSU.