Working Papers


“Has the Bond Market Really Become Less Liquid?” with Mike Anderson.

“Why has there Been a Secular Decline in Idiosyncratic Risk since 2000?” with Söhnke Bartram and Gregory Brown.

“Who Benefits from Analyst ‘Top Picks?’” with Justin Birru, Sinan Gokkaya, and Xi Liu.

“Is Financial Globalization in Reverse After the 2008 Global Financial Crisis? Evidence from Corporate Valuations,” with Craig Doidge and Andrew Karolyi.

“Does Joining the S&P 500 Index Hurt Firms?” with Benjamin Bennett and Zexi Wang.

“Do Firms with Specialized M&A Staff Make Better Acquisitions?” with Sinan Gokkaya and Xi Liu.

“Why Do Bank Boards Have Risk Committees?” with James Tompkins, Rohan Williamson, and Zhongxia Ye.

“How Important is Moral Hazard for Distressed Banks?” with Itzhak Ben-David and Ajay A. Palvia.

“Why Did Small Business FinTech Lending Dry Up During the COVID-19 Crisis?” with Itzhak Ben-David and Mark Johnson.

“Leverage and Cash Dynamics” with Harry DeAngelo and Andrei S. Gonçalves.