The A+D Lab is equipped with the following advanced tools; click the links for more information, as well as instructions, demos, and examples of projects.

*Remember, however, that all advanced equipment requires an in-person orientation prior to use, and that the theoretical knowledge here is no substitute for practical experience when it comes to your safety and achieving your desired outcomes.


Digital Fabrication:

Shopbot CNC Router

Epilog and Boss Laser Cutters

Prusa mk2, Lulzbot TAZ, and Type A 3d printers


Plastics Processing:

Morgan G100-T injection molding press

Proto-Form vacuum forming press


Advanced Wood-Working:

Powermatic 24″ planer

General International 24″ surface sander

Powermatic 8″ jointer

Nova 1624 and General 260 lathes

Vacuum clamping/bagging system

Custom steam box for wood bending


Metal Working

Flux-core welder

Light metal casting equipment