The Studios for Art & Design Research is located on the 1st floor of Hopkins Hall on Ohio State University’s main campus.  Our facilities include a Fabrication Studio, Digital Fabrication Studio, Projects Studio, Tool Room, and Storage Room.  We support students actively enrolled in Art and Design courses and faculty conducting research.  The Studios are collaborative workspaces and safety is our number one priority.  Prior to using the studios, users must complete a basic safety training and procedures orientation.  For more information visit our Safety & Procedures page.


Fabrication Studio// 172


During operating hours, the fabrication Studio is accessible without appointment. Students must complete the basic safety training before working in the Studios. Basic training will consist of a safety and procedures lecture as well as hands on training with the table saws, band saws, miter saws, panel saw, drill presses, and belt and disc sanders.  Advanced training is available and will give you access to more complex equipment including the vacuum forming machine, planers, joiners, and lathes.


Digital Fabrication Studio// 175/176/150


The Digital Fabrication Studio houses all of our digital fabrication equipment including and Epilog and Boss laser cutters, Shopbot CNC, 3D printers and 3D scanner.  Many classes in Art and Design utilize these tools to create forms, designs, and sculptures that were not previously possible with traditional fabrication equipment.  Users must first be trained on the machines before use.  Please checkout the Digital Equipment Scheduling page for more details.


Projects Studio// 171


The Projects Studios is 24-hour access for those who are enrolled in a class that is using the space.  This is a “public” studio that students and faculty use to collaborate on projects and research.


Tool Room// 172 B


The Tool Room houses all equipment that can be checked out by currently enrolled students and faculty.  Students must first go through a safety orientation before they are allowed to checkout tools.  Tools can be borrowed during our open studio hours (list on the About page) and are either available for use in the studio or for a 24-hour loan period.