Studios for Art and Design Research Orientations//


Orientations generally take place at the beginning of the semester.  You can sign up for a session via bookings here.


Please reach out to Paul Tenwalde (tenwalde.9@osu.edu) for Wood shop, metal shop, and CNC related orientations.

Please reach out to Josh Gagliardi (gagliardi.43@osu.edu) for Digital Fabrication Lab orientations.


Digital Fabrication Lab Orientations//


Digital equipment orientations are typically scheduled for classes in the Art and Design Departments.  Others interested in our digital equipment can schedule orientations here.   For laser cutting and CNC use Adobe Illustrator files, and for 3D printing use .stl files.


You must undergo a preliminary orientation that discusses the fundamentals of using the Digital Fab Lab in a safe way. 

After reading through the Digital Fabrication Lab Handbook, you will be directed to take an online quiz.  All questions in the online quiz have been generated using information taken directly from the handbook.  The quiz requires that you achieve a 90% score and you can take it as many times as you need to.  Help will be offered by the digital fabrication specialist.  If you have any questions, you’re encouraged to ask them.  Reach out to Joshua Gagliardi (gagliardi.43@osu.edu).  Orientations are available by appointment and are generally given to classes; however, individual orientations may also be offered.  Upon successful completion of your orientation and quiz, lab users will be granted the privilege of using this lab space during posted hours of operation (8-5, M-F with the possibility of extended hours in the evenings and weekends – subject to change).  

Studios for Art and Design Research: Digital Fabrication Lab Handbook Please read this before taking your orientation quiz

How to setup a file for the laser cutters using Adobe Illustrator – Please watch before your in-person orientation

Laser Cutting Assessment Quiz – Must be completed before scheduling your in-person orientation

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