SP ’19 Service Hours

This semester I completed all my service hours at BuckeyeThon.  This is a dance marathon where students from all over campus to raise money for childhood cancer.  I originally learned about this event through my scholars program my Freshman Year.  This was my second year participating in it and it again has been a highlight of my whole year.  I received a total of 10 volunteering hours by participating in this event.  Here is a link to show more about what the event stands for. https://buckeyethon.osu.edu.  This year we were able to raise $1.7 Million to go towards this cause.  Through volunteering I provided a service of donating towards the cause, as well as getting to meet and interact directly with the families we are impacting.

This is always so important to me and each year I learn something new about myself.  This year I learned more about my love for philanthropy and my passion for helping families who have an individual with Pediatric Cancer.  As a leader, it has made me more aware of other people’s situations and how to best interact with others when I may not have had the same type of experience they have had.  It for sure has made me a more empathetic leader.  Because of service learning I am more empathetic towards people and wanting to take more steps to help families who are going through this process.


Year in Review

DSWS has opened up doors in ways I never could have imagined.  From a career standpoint, they have brought in wonderful speakers that I have taken great interest in.  They showed me the importance of a mentor and I have attained one for myself sense then.  They opened up a new life style I never really considered before.  The life style of being “well” is one I now pursue and strive to live a well balanced life.

A huge life lesson I have learned from DSWS is to pursue my dreams and goals and never give up on them. We had a lot of speakers talk to us.  Being one hundred percent honest, I sometimes struggled paying attention to the content they were discussing.  The one thing I did always do, was respect the speakers.  All of them showed great amounts of passion for what they were taking about and you could easily see they loved what they did.  They also all believed in what they were doing, which then over flowed to all the aspects of their life.  This is a very important to me because I want to live a life where I want to get up out of bed every morning and love what I am working towards and am doing.

When I entered college I was unsure about my career goals and also what leadership really was and how to use it to change the world. Throughout the year I have learned how to take ideas and turn them into real world change.  We did a project that could bring social change if we were to follow through with it.  Although we did not take the project into the real world, we learned all the steps and processes on how to make change if we want to bring social change.  The project also taught me how to deal with people that come from all different walks of life, and also how to combine leadership styles so everyone is accommodated.  I can truly say I have matured not only as a leader, but also in the way I pursue my dreams and strive to live my life.

One of the biggest highlights I want to tough upon, was Buckeyethon 2018.  This is a opportunity I probably would not have done if it was not for DSWS because I was not really sure what it was.  I can now honestly say that it has been a life changing event and I can not wait to dance for the kids in the years to come.


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Experience #1 Pack Shack Service Project

My first volunteer experience was on October 4th from 10:30 pm – 1 am.  We helped pack meals for underprivileged families in the city of Columbus.  I heard about the opportunity from Jenna who received an email from Kind Columbus regarding the event.  My specific job at the event was to make sure that all of the containers with the food in them were properly filled.  This meant that a team of guys, myself included had to carry around 50 pound bags and boxes of products constantly refilling the containers so the assembly line could move at a swift pace.  One thing I learned about myself during this experience, was how unaware I was of how many families in the community go hungry every day.  That taught me that I have a heart to help people who do not have the everyday things I never would consider not having.  As a leader, this volunteer opportunity taught me more about coordination and how important it is to be on the same page with everyone.  The number of finished products we put out was all because the people in charge made sure we all knew our role and what the end goal was.  Because of service learning I am more aware of the hunger problem in our community and want to do more to help make the number smaller. https://www.givebesa.org/events/529

Experience #2 Columbus Marathon

This wonderful experience took place on October 21st from 7-12.  The organization we worked with was The Columbus Marathon Org.  Myself and a fellow scholar was in charge of coordinating the volunteers and getting into contact with the people running our water station.  Specifically, I helped make sure everything that needed to be done was completed as well as handed out water to the runners racing that day.  One thing I learned about myself was that I really love to encourage people and give them motivation. This experience impacted my leadership because it taught me not only how to encourage the runners, but also to lead by example with the people who are working with me.  Because of service learning I am still learning more about myself, like the fact that I am an encourager and enjoy inspiring other people. http://www.columbusmarathon.com

Experience #3 DSWS Day of Service: Dream Center

This experience took place on November 17th from 12-5.  I helped coordinate a group to volunteer at the Dream Center in the Short North area.  This facility is connected to and is run by Rock City Church.  They provide a lot of needs to the local community.  While we were there we specifically helped set up and get them ready for the huge Thanksgiving Day meal they have for people that either do not have families in the area or two, cannot afford any food.  I heard about this event because I helped coordinate it with PJ.   One of the jobs I had, was to help promote the Thanksgiving Day meal by putting fliers in the doors of community members.  This event taught me a lot about myself, because it taught me that I can contact and coordinate a big day of service with the help of my co-partner.  It impacted me as a leader because it taught me some coordinating skills and how to deal with large scale groups.  Because of service learning I am taking more initiative in helping service the community of Columbus. http://rockcitychurch.tv/dreamcenter