5 Takeaways From Your Campus Dining [De]tour

Like many students, you may be wondering what to expect for food on campus. The good news is you can find a variety of options to meet your needs and satisfy your taste buds! With this year’s summer orientation operating online, let’s take a virtual [de]tour of a couple resources available to you!

Balanced Buckeyes
Campus dining has a variety of options that are nutritious and delicious. To create a balanced meal, aim for a mix of macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) by including 3 or more food groups with at least a protein or dairy source and a fruit or vegetable. For examples, check out this My Plate: Campus Dining handout of different meal ideas you can find across campus.

On days you have a tightly packed schedule, consider stocking up on food the night before that you can take with you the next day. Campus dining has a variety of prepackaged meals and snacks to choose from, some of which you can find on these handouts: Campus Dining Snacks and Prepackaged Snacks (page 2). Another option is to order food through the Grubhub app so you can pick it up on the way to your next scheduled event. Delivery service is even available at select locations!

Net Nutrition
For students with food allergies or dietary preferences, use Campus Dining’s Net Nutrition to explore what options are available at different dining locations. This also includes nutrition and ingredient information so you can make choices to fit your dietary needs. Information can be found on Campus Dining’s website under the “Menus and Nutrition Facts” tab, or through the OSU app under the “Campus” tab and scroll down to “Dining.”

Home Cookin’
While you may not always have access to your kitchen from home, there are things you can make in your residence hall using ingredients from your microwave and mini fridge! Check out the Student Wellness Center’s College Cookbook which includes a compiled list of easy-to-make recipes of meals, snacks, and treats!

Nutrition Coaching
Whether you have health concerns or are interested in optimizing your health, students are welcome to schedule a free nutrition coaching appointment through the Student Wellness Center. We hope to see you soon!

-Janele Bayless: Wellness Coordinator, Nutrition Education