Nothing Better than a Day of Online School

Okay I get it, online school may not be your vibe, but I do have a few tips and tricks to make it a little more bearable and help make sure that your productivity levels are a bit higher than before.  

First off, try and set an alarm for a relatively early time. I’m not saying wake up at 6 am every morning, but try and aim for before 11 (I’m giving some leeway here). This can help set up a routine for your mind and body.  

Secondly, start a morning routine. This can look like waking up and immediately going to make your coffee then reading a few pages of a book, but try not to include any electronics in this morning routine. Your entire day is about to be you staring at a screen, so give your eyes a bit of a break. Let your morning routine be about you time. This is the time to relax and wake up your brain to help prepare for the day ahead.   

Now you want to have a designated workspace, but please do not have it be in your bed. That is not a place to be doing work, that is a place for you to sleep. Use a desk or set up a nice comfortable spot somewhere other than the bed you just woke up from. Make sure that this space is clean and organized (trust me, this helps immensely). Throw up some decorations around your workspace, make it look festive and happy. If it’s a nice day outside, set up a spot out there and get some fresh air while you are working! 

Some of you may have heard of this but try out the pomodoro method when you are studying. If you don’t know what this is, it is basically a study method where you study for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, and repeat this. At the end of an hour, you are supposed to take a ten-minute break. There have been multiple studies on this to show its efficiency, and I can personally attest that I absolutely love this way of studying.  

Lastly, fuel your body! Get up and moving. Go for a walk! Make sure to eat. Just because you’re sitting in a chair for most of the day doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to eat. Your body needs the nourishment and it is necessary for you to do well in online school. Honor your body, by fueling it with nourishing foods, but also by the foods you crave! 

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