More than a Hashtag: Together as Buckeyes Ambassadors

We’ve all heard #TogetherAsBuckeyes, #MaskUp, #InThisTogether and countless other hashtags over the past year. While you may be tuning some of these messages out, it’s important to know that there is more behind the hashtag. 

Over the past year the Together as Buckeyes (TAB) Ambassador Program was created and implemented to promote safe and healthy behaviors to the Ohio State Community, with a focus on peer-to-peer communication and relatability. 

The Together as Buckeyes Ambassadors have two primary goals: 

  • Promote mask wearing and provide PPE supplies (masks, hand sanitizer, etc) 
  • Educate the Ohio State community on wellness resources and Safe and Healthy Buckeyes information  

Not only do they educate on safe and healthy information, but they have also been known to provide prizes to those who are actively following all safety guidelines! You may have even chatted with the ambassadors on your way to class 

We want to share more about who the Ambassadors are so you have a better understanding when you see them on campus. You can spot a TAB Ambassador wearing a nametag, Be Kind t-shirt and potentially sporting a fannypack full of prizes and PPE.  

  • TAB Ambassadors range from 1st years to 4th years, showing that all students are committed to staying safe from COVID-19 and hoping to return to a more normal college experience 
  • Some majors include molecular genetics, speech and hearing sciences, and international studies – showing that promoting health and wellness isn’t limited to those in the health sciences 
  • When asked why they became a TAB Ambassador, ambassadors said: 
    • “ To help and serve students on campus during this difficult time of adjustment and online learning” 
    • “The only way to get through this pandemic is to follow the guidelines, I joined to promote mask wearing and encouraging everyone to follow Ohio State’s guidelines” 
    • “College students can make a huge impact. Being personally affected by Covid-19, it is important to me to educate others. I transferred to Ohio State this year and would love to experience campus in its true nature”  
  • TAB Ambassadors are looking forward to fun warm weather activities including: 
    • Hammock laying near mirror lake  
    • Putting away the winter layers  
    • Walking on local trails  
    • Playing tennis 
    • Working out on Lincoln Tower fields 
    • Studying on the Oval  

Ultimately, TAB Ambassadors want you to know they are not the “COVID-19 police”. Ambassadors are students just like you, hoping for a more normal Ohio State experience.  

Now you know more about the Together As Buckeyes Ambassadors, keep an eye out for them around campus and say hey. They may even prizes!  

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