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OSU Student Therapy Clinic FAQ:

1. What is it? The OSU School of HRS (PT division) has partnered with PrimaryOne Health to open a FREE PT clinic.  Patients will receive a typical plan of care with both examination and intervention through discharge.

2. Who is this for? Any patient that exhibits a skilled PT need but is unable to obtain PT services due to ANY financial challenge.  (Examples might include: Pts without insurance, Pts with insurance but exhausted PT benefits, Pts with too high deductibles limiting participation in PT, etc.)

3. Who are the treating PT’s?  This is a student clinic, so our 2nd and 3rd year graduate PT students will be leading the treatment with direct faculty (licensed PT) supervision.

4. Where is it located?  At PrimaryOne Health at 1905 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43207

5. When is the clinic open?  Student clinic hours are on Monday and Wednesday from 2p-4p.

6. How do I refer a patient?  We have provided “information cards” for clinicians to hand out to patients as they see fit.  Or, just simply have the patient/caregiver or yourself call the Student clinic at 614-859-1952.  (Callers will often be asked to leave a message as staffing is limited to designated clinic hours)

7. Do you accept direct access patients?  Yes, no physical referral required

8. What equipment do you have available? We have a brand new gym with equipment equivalent to OSU outpatient and sports medicine clinics.  See attached photo.

8. Do you offer any other services?  Yes, we will offer OT services in the same capacity beginning January 2016.


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