OSU GROW* reflection conversations help student employees connect the work they do with their academic coursework and career plans. GROW stands for “Guided Reflection On Work.” The GROW conversation is based on a program at The University of Iowa, and features four simple questions.

OSU GROW Questions

  • Question One focuses on the learning transfer between class and work. An example of a question could be: “Where do you see overlap between what you are learning here, and what you are learning in your classes?”
  • Question Two helps students make connections between their on-the-job learning and their future career goals. “What are some things you’re learning here that would be useful to you in a future career?” is a good example of a question.
  • Questions Three and Four will relate to the two chosen learning competencies for that semester. “How is the work you do here helping you to learn X skills?” could be an example for these questions.
    • The competencies for Autumn 2018 are Information Literacy and Interpersonal Engagement. To see the competencies for future semesters click here: OSU Competency Question Cycle


Please see the Fall 2018 GROW Conversation Guide for structuring your talks with student employees this semester. 


Facilitating OSU GROW Conversations

OSU GROW conversations can happen 1:1 or in small groups of 8 or fewer students.

Facilitators should be trained in these conversations, and can be the supervisor, another staff member, or even student managers/supervisors.

Submitting GROW Themes 

If you are a supervisor looking to submit your themes, you can do so on the submit GROW themes page.


* Used with the permission of  © The University of Iowa

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