The Ohio State University

Previous Semesters

We have the first student computational math in Autumn 2022. In the future, we will record the archives of previous seminars in this page.

Autumn 2023

Date Speaker           Title
09/08 Yuan Chen (OSU) Data Driven Modeling of Unknown Stochastic Systems.
09/15 Ying Li (OSU) Efficient ensemble methods for simulating groundwater-surface flows
09/21 Wenlong Pei (OSU) The semi-implicit DLN algorithm for the Navier-Stokes equations
09/28 Changhong Mou (UWM) Combining Stochastic Parameterized Reduced-Order Models with Machine Learning for Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification with Partial Observations
10/05 Caroline Tatsuoka (OSU) Deep learning for parameter estimation
10/20 Zhaolong Han (UCSD) Introduction to Nonlocal Calculus.
10/26 Chen Liu (Purdue) Recent advances in discontinuous Galerkin discretization of Cahn–Hilliard–Navier–Stokes models for systems of two-phase flows
11/02 Joseph Hunter (OSU) Realizability-Preserving DG-IMEX Method for a Two-Moment Model of Special Relativistic Transport
11/09 Jinjin Zhang (OSU) BDDC Algorithms for Advection-diffusion problems with HDG Discretizations
11/16 Yixuan Wang(Caltech) Exponentially Convergent Multiscale Methods Based on Edge Coupling: Example of Helmholtz Equation

Spring 2023

Date Speaker           Title
01/20 Qihao Ye (UCSD) Monotone meshfree methods for linear elliptic equations in non-divergence form via nonlocal relaxation
01/27 kaiying Xie (OSU) Sketch-and-solve approaches to k-means clustering by semidefinite programming
02/02 Tatsuoka Caroline (OSU) Introduction to Bayesian Neural Networks.
02/09 Zhongshu Xu (OSU) Dynamical System Learning via Neural Networks
02/17 Zhen Chen (Dartmouth)

Deep Neural Network Modeling of Unknown Dynamical System

02/24 Zhichao Peng (MSU) Reduced order model for kinetic and transport problems
04/07 Ruchi Guo (UCI) Transformer meets boundary value inverse problems
04/13 Yuan Chen (OSU) Cancelled
04/21 Nan Sheng (Uchicago) Introduction to Computational Quantum Physics

Autumn 2022

Date Speaker Title
09/15 All Organization Meeting
09/22 Yuan Chen Interface Problems and Immersed Finite Element Methods
09/29 Qifan Chen Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin Methods and cRKDG
10/06 Zhongshu Xu Butterfly Factorization and Butterly-Net: from Numerical Linear Algebra to Machine Learning
10/20 Joseph Hunter Investigating Stability for Implicit-Explicit DG Methods on the Linear Convection-Dispersion Equation
10/27 Victor Churchill Bayesian Radar Image Formation
11/04 Dingsen Zhang Introduction to Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory (WENO) methods
11/10 Amber Wu Applications of TDA on Economics and Neuroscience
11/17 Caroline Tatsuoka Cancelled
12/01 Wenlong Pei Search for Time accuracy: A Variable Time-stepping Algorithm for Computational Fluid Dynamics