The Ohio State University

Exponentially Convergent Multiscale Methods Based on Edge Coupling: Example of Helmholtz Equation

Speaker: Yixuan Wang(Caltech) Dates: 2023/11/16  4-5pm Location: online, link Abstract:We provide a concise review of the exponentially convergent multiscale finite element method (ExpMsFEM) for efficient model reduction of PDEs in heterogeneous media without scale separation and in high-frequency wave propagation….

Introduction to Bayesian Neural Networks.

Speaker: Tatsuoka Caroline (OSU) Dates: 2023/02/02 Abstract: I will be reviewing the Bayesian Neural Network framework. With sufficient data, current deep learning technologies offer a tool to better understand and predict dynamical systems behavior. However, uncertainty in predictions can arise…

Sketch-and-solve approaches to k-means clustering by semidefinite programming

Speaker: Kaiying Xie (OSU) Dates: 2023/01/27 Abstract: We introduce a sketch-and-solve approach to speed up the Peng-Wei semidefinite relaxation of k-means clustering. When the data is appropriately separated we identify the k-means optimal clustering. Otherwise, our approach provides a high-confidence…