Exponentially Convergent Multiscale Methods Based on Edge Coupling: Example of Helmholtz Equation

Speaker: Yixuan Wang(Caltech)
Dates: 2023/11/16  4-5pm
Location: online, link

Abstract:We provide a concise review of the exponentially convergent multiscale finite element method (ExpMsFEM) for efficient model reduction of PDEs in heterogeneous media without scale separation and in high-frequency wave propagation. ExpMsFEM is built on the non-overlapped domain decomposition in the classical MsFEM while enriching the approximation space systematically to achieve a nearly exponential convergence rate regarding the number of basis functions. Unlike most generalizations of MsFEM in the literature, ExpMsFEM does not rely on any partition of unity functions.

In general, it is necessary to use function representations dependent on the right-hand side to break the algebraic Kolmogorov $n$-width barrier to achieve exponential convergence. Indeed, there are online and offline parts in the function representation provided by ExpMsFEM. The online part depends on the right-hand side locally and can be computed in parallel efficiently.

The offline part contains basis functions that are used in the Galerkin method to assemble the stiffness matrix; they are all independent of the right-hand side, so the stiffness matrix can be used repeatedly in multi-query scenarios.